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Unusual Suspects


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I would be horrified to get a card and some cash like that. I would wonder if I'd really failed at being hospitable, because the whole point of hospitality (okay, part of it, I think) is to offer a safe place where people can just be, and be really okay and accepted and listened to and spoken to just as they are. It's not a barter economy. But really, I don't think such a response denotes a failure of hospitality; rather it's an indication of how deeply counter-cultural real hospitality is, and that it's going to take folks a long time to learn what it means to be guests in that way. What a neat piece, Jim!


Nicely put Kyle.. I also thinks it speaks about how people are, possibly, become less and less comfortable with receiving hospitality. The very idea of a gift which can't be reciprocated becomes intolerable.

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